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KFNL for example

KHVR 240053Z AUTO 17005KT 10SM SCT095 34/11 A2986

24 Jul 2014 02:07

Frequency: 135.225

Phone: 406-265-6638

Other Area AWOS: KS71 - CWOE - K79S - CWEH

TAF KHVR 232338Z 2400/2424 12011KT P6SM SCT100 SCT180 FM240300 08008KT P6SM SCT090 BKN150 TEMPO 2403/2407 VRB20G45KT 5SM TSRAGS BKN070CB FM240900 VRB05KT P6SM SKC FM241200 24015KT P6SM SKC FM241800 27020G35KT P6SM SKC